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SAP B1 cannot open mobile service URL

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when I open the https://[externalip]:40000/mobileservice/ website, it automatically switch to https://[ServerName]:40000/sld/saml2/idp/sso, and shows: This site can’t be reached

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Hello Gavin Yao,

You'll need to expose the Mobile Service in the External mapping and be able to open the Mobile service page from the Mobile device.

If you have issues opening the Mobile Service or B1 SLD pages from the Mobile Device after exposing them in the External Mapping, please check with your network administrator, since this needs to be re-directed at network level.

As of 10.0 FP 2208, the internal and external addresses for the System Landscape Directory are unified. If you intend to update the SLD address, you just need to change it from the Security tab. In addition, you can also edit the address of the authentication address

Please refer to SAP Business One Administrator's guide, chapter 7.1.6 Mapping External Addresses to Internal Addresses for more details.

Best Regards

Lenice Zhang

SAP Support