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SAP B1 9.2 PL4 Access Browser and printout

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I installed SAP B1 9.2 PL4 Access browser. When I tested printout I get an error message : no printer found.

I read that SAP should generate a PDF file. Does it need a default printer ?


Gregory Borysiak

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Hi ,

Generally, SAP any Product always adopts the local system environment. So YES, you need to install a printer driver and the correspondence  printer connected to that local system of yours to take the print. NO, the printer does not mandatory needs to be set as default. At the time of taking the print, it would prompt to choose the printers from the installed printers drivers in that local system of yours. You can, in this scenario, to make sure that there is no issue from inside SAP side, you can always before printing, can go take a Print-Preview.

To the next query of yours:- To generate a pdf file, you need to install a dummy printer software, for example doPDF & need to give print & while selecting need to select as that you want to take print-out via that doPDF printer which in result will generate your required PDF file & prompt you to save that PDF at your desired location.

Let me know status, if not solved.



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I added a printer on the server and printer functionality, generating PDF, works.

Thank you Kaushik.