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SAP Asset Manager - Passcode Policy disabled - Unable to get shared device encryption key

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I have built my own branded Asset Manager. I installed the app and executed onboarding (pressed "Use current application") - worked OK. I did not have to use QR code.

Later, I disabled the Passcode Policy in BTP Cockpit > Mobile Services > Mobile Settings Exchange. The QR code for onboarding has changed. Now when I install branded Asset Manager on a new device and choose "Use current application", the old passcode policy is loaded from BTP (set new passcode is required). And on the initializing screen, I get an error "Unable to get shared device encryption key".

With the disabled passcode policy, I have to use (scan) the new QR code (onboarding - button "Scan new QR code"). With new QR code onboarding works. But I need onboarding without a QR code.

The only settings I saw in the project about BTP are in <mdkproject>\BrandedSettings.json. But there is nothing that would have an impact on passcode policy.


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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My guess is that in your BrandedSettings.json > ConnectionSettings you have MultiUserEnabled set to true.  In order to use the client in multi-user mode you MUST have a passcode policy defined and also have enabled the "Allow Upload of Pending Changes from Previous User (Enable Multiple User Mode)" option as well.  The error you are getting is consistent with the client trying to use multi-user but it not being enabled in the backend.

If you don't need multi-user you can update the Connection Settings and re-build your branded client and that should fix it.  The reason scanning the QR code works is that it now has multiuser set to false in the QR which then overrides the settings branded into the client.