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SAP Asset Manager 2110 - Custom EntitySet - missing in POST Request from client

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Hello, I have an identical problem to

  • The EntitySets are present in the $metadata
  • The EntitySets are reachable from SAP MobileServices ("oData Application Destination Test DEST_SAM2110_PPROP)
  • The EntitySets are reachable from SAPGateway Client
  • The EntitySets were added to the "Offline Configuration .ini" (both to "Define Request" and "Request Groups")

In my case:

  • I have added 1 custom column to a standard EntitySet => works OK.
  • I have created 1 custom EntitySet (oMDO) => these data are not available in the client application.

I can see the data of the custom EntitySet in BTP cockpit and SAPGateway Client. But in t-code "/o/IWFND/TRACES" when "/merp/sap_asset_manager_2110/$batch" is called, the custom EntitySet is missing in the Request. And because it is missing in the request, it also missing in the response from the server.

The accepted answer in that link is "activate oMDO in config panel -> component assignment -> user persona and switchable features". In my opinion, it does not make sense, but I activated the oMDO in all App. features too just to be sure. No change.

How can I add my custom EntitySet to batch Request from the mobile application? How mobile application is creating this request? Obviously, it is not 1:1 from "Offline Configuration.ini"


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Indeed, you still need to assign the oMDO to a persona. When the client app starts the synchronization it builds batch requests with all entities included in the current persona. Check this blog post for more information.