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SAP Archiving : STO job Error (Error occurred when checking the stored archive file)

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Dear gurus,

I'm encountering error in store job while doing a SAP Archiving job run.


1. 2 Instances of SAP (lets say A & B)

2. Both A & B are ECC 6.0

3. Both A & B are connected to Open Text Archive Server 10


IDOC archiving in both A & B

IDOC configuration is same in both A & B

Content repository is same in A & B


While archiving for IDOC in SAP instance A, it successfully runs. All WRITE, STORE & DELETE Jobs are successfully completed.

However while archiving IDOC in SAP instance B with the same variant details and same configuration;

The WRITE job is completed successfully.

But the STORE job gives the following error:

"Job started

Step 001 started (program RSARCH_STORE_FILE, variant , user ID XXX)

Archive file 000478-001IDOC is being processed

Archive file 000478-001IDOC does not exist

Error occured when checking the stored archive file 000478-001IDOC "

I also checked the exchange directory, the archive file is created there.

In SARA Management, the archive file is accessible

Please Advice



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Answers (6)

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Dear All,

Thank you all for your valuable feedback.

The error was due to the certification problem at Open text Server.



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Hi Gautam,

I am also getting the same error, can you please let me know what action you took to resolve this issue?



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Since the file exists, the route is correct, and you can access it... Can you check if you can access the directory with the user SAPService<SID>?

Since SAPService<SID> is the user who writes at OS level.

Let me know.

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Dear Gautam!

The second screenshot was made about archive file 000470-001IDOC. However in error message archive file 000478-001IDOC is mentioned.

Please proceed as follows:

1. Check on which server the failed store job was executed (Double click on the job name in tr. SM37 and click on "Job Details", check "Executing Server")

2. Log in to this server (or change to this server in tr. SM51)

3. On this server call tr. SARA >> Management >> Check file 000478-001IDOC

If this file (on this server) is not accessible, it means the directory where the archive file was put is not accessible from all application servers. In such cases it could be a workaround to execute the store job on same application server, where the write job (of file 000478-001IDOC) was also executed.

Best regards


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Hi Gautam

Ensure the archive file system connectivity by testing CR and also on Open text admin client the mounted file system/storage disk status.

You can test @ archive server level by creating any temp file/dir manually on that particular archive dir ensuring the accessible permission as well



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The error is due to Archive file not able to access by the store job, the logical file path in which all the archive files are placed during write job should be mounted on all the application servers,

Pls check whether the Physical path is mounted on all the application servers that you were running your archiving job.