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SAP Absence - Annual Leave

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Hi SAP Gurus,

I am facing an issue. Let me explain the issue currently.

My customer currently has Annual Leave Quota configured, and corresponding Absence Type configured as well. The quota is deducting correctly.

However the issue is occurring when the user locks the Absence record, it is not considered in the AL Quota.

Let me give you an eg.

Employee X

Annual Leave Quota = 10 Days

Absence = 01.09.2020 - 05.09.2020 (5 days)

Annual Leave Quota = 5 days.

When user locks the Absence Record, the quota gets reverted to 10 days instead of staying at 5 days.

My question is what setting to make to ensure the leave quota is still 5 days and not 10 days.


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You're welcome. Technically, locking a record is making the record inactive, not that locking from changes.

If the requirement is to strengthen change authorization to the chosen absences, you might want to consider substituting it with another absence type instead of locking, so that only authorized personnel is able to change the new absence type.

On the configuration side to configure the new absence in the same way as the initial one, so that it deducts the same quota and generates same wage types, and to give change authorization to this specific absence type to authorized personnel only.

However, probably in this case just explaining how the system works and what is locking to the user will do the job 🙂
Tasks born in misunderstanding can easily overcomplicate the system and don't do any good. Just a personal observation 🙂

Kind regards,