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Sap abap or sap bw

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Hi expert's I have one year experience in Sap Abap in Ecc6 and then I moved to s4 hana and am doing report and Smart from, so now I got an offer for mnc company but the role is different means it's Sap BW and my question is

1. Shall I continue as sap abap ?

2. Or if I join sap BW there is only 20 percentage work is there and 80 percentage of BW am confused about that and also can i come back to abap position after completion of one year and can anyone detail me about sap BW

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Hi Prabhu.

What you said is right in SAP BW ( Not on SAP S/4 Hana with BI or ERP system). Within 5 to 10 years time SAP going to support only SAP S/4 Hana (other DB slowly going to end or stop the support from SAP). So as earlier communicated by Tammy you can follow the Open. site to take free online courses



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SAP BW running with a HANA database is not S4/Hana. I worked on it 2017-2020. What you need to know is HANA for BW, which is quite distinct.

The main differences are:

  • ADSO
  • Push down of DTPs
  • SQL Script HANA expert routines.

Apart from that, there's no variation from BW using Oracle.