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SAP 2007A SP 01 PL 08 up path to SAP 8.81 PL 5

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Wonder if anyone can help me.

I am sure this information is somewhere hiding on the sap portal.

All i would like to know is can i upgrade from SAP 2007a sp 01 pl 08 straight to SAP 8.81 PL5 and if not what level do i need to go to 1st then to 8.81 pl 5.

Also if this information is on the sap portal can someone point me in the right direction as i really sturggle to find info on site..


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I believe the answer to your question is yes, provided you have SQL 2005 or higher.

Follow this link:

Around the middle of this page there is a link to "Upgrade Strategy", which gives you a chart of different versions and what they can upgrade to.

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It is yes.

<begin snip from PatchReadme.pdf>

You can upgrade your SAP Business One to 8.81 PL05 from the following versions:

o 8.8 PL21 and lower

o 2007 A SP01 PL15 and lower

o 2007 B SP00 PL24 and lower

o 2007 A SP00

o 2005 A SP01

o 2005 B

<end snip from PatchReadme.pdf>


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