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Sample testing

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Dear Friends,

How to account in system for internal testing(destructive testing) sample quantity and the sample which we are sending to RnD department and this should be easily identified from others samples?

Secondly can we restrict the the system to 3 shift confrmations daywise and also system should deliver warning if confirmation are less than 3 times in a day?

Thanks and regards


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Answers (2)

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Thanks pradeep for your immediate feedback.

The confirmation we are using is order based.

And the sample is scrap after testing but how can we differentiate this scrap from production scrap because it is testing scrap.

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Simply put the stock in QA after the Goods receipt (Insp Type 04). One sample scrap you can place in the Blocked stock in the QA and rest other can be sent to the receiving storage location.

Revert back for more clarifications, if required.


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HI Nitin,

Please letus confirm some points, what type of cofirmation is u are doing , likw order based (c011n) or period based (MFBF).

Destructive means u wont get back to stock, i think u can consider this as SCRAP.

letme explain this point "should be easily identified from others samples" = whether it is a sample of same material Number in different shifts.