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Sample Procedure F4 help window --- Short description disappears in other language logons

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Hi All,

I am facing the below stated problem.

I am creating a Sampling Procedure in normal English log-on in QDV1 with a short description and save it. Now if I go to QDV2 and in selection screen if I press F4 help, it shows all the created and existing Sampling Procedures with its short description.

Now if I log out and log in in some other language (Spanish) and go do to QDV2 and press F4 to see the already existing sampling procedures, the help window appears and it shows the list of sampling procedures available but the short description is empty. i.e., no short description is available.

But if I select some Sampling procedure from the list and go inside, then the short description that I gave in English log-on appears inside the transaction.

I really do not know what I am missing here. I am not seeing any option for providing translation to the short text anywhere in QDV1 or QDV2.

Even if there is no translation given for the short text, i believe that, as per the standard SAP, if I go to other laguage log on, it would still show me the short description in english.

I even checked with my friend to see whether he is facing this problem in his project, and even he is puzzled to find this problem in his project as well which they didn't notice till then.

Is this the standard behaviour of the system? Has any of you faced this issue? Or is this a BASIS problem? Please help me to go about solving this issue!

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You have to maintain the description in each language. As you are correctly mentioning that there is no translation option given, you have to login in each language that you want to maintain. You mentioned that if you open the sampling procedure the first time in spanish, it will copy the EN text into the description (of course you can also provide a spanish text). But you then have to SAVE your procedure again. This will store the description for the language key ES in table QDSVT.



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Hi Martin,

Thank you very much. You are right.



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