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Sample Drawing Instructions

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Dear Friends,

I am back again with a problem>

I want to change the "Sample Drawing Instruction".

in CQ85 I understood that the print out is based on the SAP Script>  "QM_SAMPLE_INST" and the program that delivers the data to this script is > RQDSES20.

Now the standard text of the "QM_SAMPLE_INST"  is very annoying so I want to change it, any add a logo etc.

I tried SE71 to edit this SAP Script, but I think there is very little that I can do here. When I click the Layout button, I get a very poor screen painter, with which I think nothing can be changed !

As I understand the changes are only possible if I make changed to the program RQDSES20.

My Question is >  Is this correct  ?

Is there another way to configure the Sample drawing instruction. May be using a PDF Form ?

I would be obliged to get some of your experience on this matter. I have read several blogs on this, but didnt really help, would be obliged if you could guide me to a good reading material.

Kind Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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No.. you should not need to change the program.. Bad idea.

I'm not a programmer but standard text should be able to be modified to be what you want it to be.

It's why standard text is used to start with.

I'd post this to the ABAP space.


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