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same line item with different price in po

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Dear Experts,

in our scenario,users are creating the PO for for a singel material as two line items with different

prices ,how can we control this.plz suggest me.

Thanks in advance


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Answers (3)

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This things need to be controlled by proper training & discipline

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i dont think you can control this in standard way. if you resort to enhancement you may be able to use ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST with a logic to disallow and second entry for the same plant and material combination within the PO

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Hi Varun, 

It is totally valid situation and standard system will always allow  it  , reason being suppose you are purchasing material 'A' whose lead time is 20 days , but now you need some material urgently say 5 days  , your vendor agrees to ship material via Air but will charge higher amount for same material. In  such cases you maintain different rates for same material.

All systems are based on the fact that users are responsible and they will not unnecessarily play with entries. But  if educating  user will be a problem and you need to pick hard close method .

you can set validation condition in BADi - ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST