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Same batch having two different expiry dates

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Hi Team,

Need your help. I am working on a pharma implementation project. There the customer have one scenario where a component material having batch number and expiry date when dispensed some ammount against a order they maintained different short expiry date for the dispensed lot amount though the batch number is same. Is there any way to handle this in SAP?

Please suggest.


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Answers (3)

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For different pharmaceuticals products same Batch number, same expiry date and same production date is possible? Is it authenticated.

What's SOP for pharmaceuticals.

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Once the material is issued(transferred from stores to production storage location) let us say they give a expiry of 10 days,  A program has to be developed to check the transfer of stocks and how many days back this transfer has taken place and accordingly the stock can be moved to blocked stock. But this is not the expiry date of the material.


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When they dispense the quantity against the process order, they are making a new product right?  It would be the expiration date on the new product that should have the shorter expiration. 

If you are "dispensing" this it must be going into a different container or something, hence a different material number.  You should than be able to have a different expiration date.

You don't mention your batch level.  I'm guessing that you are at the material batch level and NOT at the material/plant or client level.

The new expiration date would be calculated like any other new batch.  Date of manufacture plus the shelf life from the material master.

If you are deriving the batch expiration date from the raw material, and you don't want the existing expiration date of the raw material, than you would need to include your own logic into the derivation process.