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SalesOrder Schdule lines with different dates Combining into one delivery

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I have a sales order with two line items. Both lines are the same material but for different delivery dates.

For some reason these are getting combined into one delivery. We need these to be separate deliveries.

Why would the system combine these if the delivery dates are different? Thanks.

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YOUR CLAIM IN THE MESSAGE IS OUT OF SAP STANDARD, herewith i share sap standard for delivery split

Delivery split can occur for the following reasons.

1. Different delivery dates for line items.

2. Different ship to parties for line items.

3. Different routes for line items.

Check whether the above data are same for all the line items.

The following data may cause to split as two deliveries:

--> Check the shipping points of the two items it may be different.

--> Check the item level partner functions in the Sales order is there different ship to parties available for the two items.

--> Check the Delivering plant of the items.

--> Check the shipping conditions are different for the two items.

--> Check the loading group of the two items.

hope you find it useful



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My deliveries are NOT splitting. They are combining. The schedule lines have different delivery dates. So they should be splitting, they are not, that is my problem.

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Hi Jon-Paul Kroger,

Per example if you have a date 21/06/2009 for the first item and 24/06/2009 for the second one and you delivered on 25/06/2009 then both items are combined in the same Delivery because 25/06 is greater than both, so it is possible to combine both items in the same Delivery.

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Mariano,

Thank you for your reply. Here is what happens in my example:

Requested delivery date on Order = 6/19/2009

Because of ATP

Item One Delivery Date = 6/23/2009 (Shipping Tab has GI date as 6/16/2009)

Item Two delivery Date = 6/26/2009 (Shipping Tab has GI date as 6/19/2009)

I ran VL10G (background option) to simulate the delivery create jobs.

Since the delivery dates are different and the GI dates are different and delivery creation is earlier than both (not later) than I would expect it to create two deliveries.

I can understand if my delivery date is later than both, that would make sense. But my delivery creation date is earlier than both, so it should not combine them.

Thanks for any follow-up.

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Hi Jon-Paul Kroger,

Check using VL04 instead of VL10G if you have the same result, because VL10g uses user profile and in some cases occurs these strange things.

Thanks in advance.