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Dear Experts,

We would like to have more information about functionalities needed in an automotive solution.

In the roadmap, there are two functionalities planned for H1/2019 and H1_H2/2020, and another one that is not in the roadmap, which are relevant for automotive suppliers:


The first is the one that is planned for H1/2019 (Sales scheduling agreements). In this case, we'd appreciated if someone could add more information related to “Sales scheduling agreement” in S/4HANA Cloud, if it is going to work similar as it Works in SAP ECC, but with a fiorized view, or if a new functionality is being developed. If this is the case, more information of how the new Solution might work would be appreciated. 

As per now in SAP ECC, the steps to work with sales scheduling agreements are these ones:

1.- Creation of contract with Schedule lines.

2.- Execution of delivery list.

Delivery due list:

We have checked the information available in SAP Innovation Discover:

Provide market-entry scope for scheduling agreements in SAP S/4HANA Cloud:

  • Create, change, and display scheduling agreements for automotive suppliers
  • Manage cumulative quantities via electronic data interchange (EDI) or manually
  • Manage forecast and just-in-time (JIT) delivery schedules
  • Issue customer invoices to automotive suppliers
  • Manage customer returns for scheduling agreements
  • However, we would need to get some more information, if it is posible, such as if this Solution might be released in the following upgrades (1902 - 1905) and if there is any information related to the Solution itself other than the information of the previous paragraph.


    The second one is going to be released on H1/2020 (self-billing for automotive suppliers). As mentioned above, we´re implementing S/4HCloud in a one-tier, so we´re very interested in this functionality. Is it possible to change forward this date?

    It Will very also very helpful for us to know the functionality of this development, if it´s going to work similar than it Works in R3, but with a fiorized view, or if it´s going to be a new development of this function.

    In SAP ECC, the process Flow is this:

    Process Flow

    1.      The vendor creates a delivery with reference to the SD scheduling agreement/order in his system.

    2.      The vendor posts goods issue of the delivery.

    3.      The vendor creates an initial billing document, which he does not send to the customer.

    4.      The customer receives the materials and creates a goods receipt with reference to the delivery note number in the MM module.

    5.      The customer creates a self-billing document for the goods received, using the MM ERS functions. Make sure that you use the document selection LI .

    6.      The customer transmits the self-billing document to the vendor "per EDI" (in this case: ALE). The document must include a number that the system can use to directly or indirectly determine an SD document number (for example, the SD delivery.)

    7.      The vendor system reads and checks the transmission, which can contain several IDocs and therefore several deliveries.

    8.      The vendor initiates processing of the transmission, in which the open value from the internal invoice is compared with the value in the self-billing document.

    9.      If the values match, an external reference number is updated in the billing (FI) document.

    10.   If the values do not match, the system automatically posts all differences, debit or credit, depending on the +/- sign. It assigns a reference number to all documents that are assigned to the delivery. The reference number is used later to post receipt of payment. If you have set a tolerance check, the system creates no open items unless the tolerance levels are exceeded. If the tolerance levels are exceeded, the system creates new open items. However, these are not assigned a reference number. Unless tolerance checking is set, the system creates new open items for every clearing entry. To set the system to create no new open items, you must activate a tolerance group, in which the tolerance check is explicitly switched off (that is, the Check limits field is not flagged.)


    By last, there´s another functionality that we should need in this Project, but it is not contemplated in the roadmap, it is the retro billing (this process is used to create price differences documents (credit / debit memo) after price changes in SAP). It´s very used in automotive suppliers, because they also work with self billing. Is it planned to be developed? Can you tell us more or less when it would be released?

    We would really appreciate it if someone could give us further information regarding processes related to automotive suppliers in S/4HANA Cloud.

    Thank you in advance for any answer provided.

    Best Regards,


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    Accepted Solutions (1)

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    Hi Anna,

    It is not possible to disclose the details of a functionality based on the roadmap before it is released. There will be webinars conducted by solution experts on the these topics once the functionality is officially released.

    Thank you.

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