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Sales Report in XL Reporter within Bill Of Materials Components

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Hello @ all,

I've tried to create a XL Report, to know which and how many components of the BOMs are sold.

It should look like this example:

article no.12345 (BOM) sold 10x

- component No. 1----


- component No. 2----


- component No. 3----


The BOM 12345 consits of 1x component No. 1, 2x component No. 2, 3x component No. 3

Please can anybody give me a hint???

Thanks in advance!


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I think it is not possible to get only BoM items that have sold.

BoM information can only be found in Production module in XL Reporter but to get sales information, this should be done in Sales module.

I think there are no link between them.

Just for your information, to get the BoM list in XLR,

go to Production module>

choose Product Tree dimension> items dimension(this will choose items that have BoM defined) > Quantity measure(this will list quantities assigned in BoM for each child items.)

In Sales module, you can choose all items where to show the sales information.


Maggie An

SAP Business One Forum Team

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