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Sales Quantity (MEGBTR) during delivery and billing is netting off and zero is flowing to ABCOPA

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Hi Experts,

I am facing an issue in S/4HANA 1610 system regarding sales quantity flow to COPA, while doing Accounts based COPA. I have executed the KE30 report after designing the form (Total quantity from MEGBTR field) and report . Then i have noticed that the sales quantity is flowing to COPA at the time of delivery. But once the billing has been done, the sales quantity in COPA report is showing as zero. Later, i have checked the controlling document generated at the time of delivery and billing. Moreover, i have checked MEGBTR field in COEP table as well. From that i had found out the Total quantity(MEGBTR) field is updated as positive value at the time delivery and negetive at the time of billing and the same is reflected in controlling documents as well. As COPA report is taking the total value of MEGBTR field, i have realised that total quantity values are netting off and the resuting value is becoming zero. May i know if there is any specific configuration or work around or Sap notes to avoid a situation like this.

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Dear Customer,

Field ACDOCA-MSL corresponds to the classical ERP field COEP-MBGBTR which is the quantity you enter in a "sender" document, for example in an invoice or when performing a manual reposting in CO. This is always transferred to table ACDOCA, if entered in the sender document.
The other question is, if the quantity shall also be recorded and displayed in the CO sums which are built from the ACDOCA line items in S/4 HANA (Finance). Then you have to consider field ACDOCA-VMSL which corresponds to field COEP-MEGBTR in the classical ERP world. If this field is filled depends indeed on flag "Record quantities" in the cost element / cost center master and on flag"Material origin" on tab "Costing 1" in the material master for postings where a material is involved. An exception to this logic are postings to profitability segment where both quantities are always recorded.
Please see also note 352610 and Q&A 21 of KBA 2176823 for more information.

Best regards,

Gabor Rozman

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Hi Gabor Rozman,

Thank you very much for your valuable support.

This Issue has been resolved.

I just added cost elements along with Total quantity (MEGBTR).