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Dear Experts,

For audit purposes, We want to have a report containing the reasons of blocking a Sales Order (SO) . I've seen cases where the SO get blocked immediately after its creation this is, the sales order is automatically set to Status B "Credit Check was Executed, Document not OK" ( VBUK.CMGST =B ). I've observed that in most of the cases the sales orders are not released through VKM01, it seem the users wait for the customer invoice's clearance and they made slightly changes on the SO and save it again, so this trigger the Credit check validation and the SO is saved as VBUK.CMGST =A

Additionally, I see that the code VBUK.CMGST =B is not only set when the credit is not sufficient, there are cases where Sales order may be created but FA code price (e.g. new FA code) may not be linked yet, so it's blocked as it cannot be released, perhaps stock on plant is not sufficient, etc

My question is, How can I run a report that show those SO that have gone through VBUK.CMGST =B ( can happen that now they are release)

Best Regars


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