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Sales Order

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Hi i created a sales order lets say january 10th with a price of $100 and the sales order did not ship untill two months later, our prices change ever month. is there a way i can configure my system for the sales order to pick up the new prices been proposed at a specific date at invoicing time? so in this case two months later the price would have gone up and i would like at time of invoicing the invoice to capture the new price and not the old price on the sales order. how can i do this?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Joi

There are 2 ways of achieving this

Say you have created a sales order for 100$ today 30.01.2009 and you have nt shipped the goods

Say by 10.02.2009 the material price has gone up to 110$ and if you somehow convince the customer to agree for this increased price and then change your VK11 to 110$ (not in VK12) and then update this price in the sales order itself in VA02 with update your sales order will change

Otherwise you can create a new Pricing procedure and have separate DPP for billing document type and have the necessary settings in OVKK so that billing doc picks up the second pricing procedure and have copy controls in VTFL (if delivery involved) or VTFA ( sales order to billing ) have pricing type as B at item level so that the revised prices are picked up in billing

Note the update option is also available in billing

Hope these ideas give some road map to your issues



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Assuming that yours is delivery related billing, go to copy control VTFL, select your item category for the combination of your delivery type and billing type, where you can see a field Pricing Type. Maintain B there. By doing so, irrespective of your sale order price, whatever you maintain in VK11, that will fetch into your billing document.

If it is order related billing, you can see the same field in VTFA where you have to maintain B


G. Lakshmipathi