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Sales Order Vs Delivery

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Hello All,

I have a typical problem, user has created sales order this order has been confirmed and delivered by system, even though there is now stock? Any idea why??

Thanks & Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Friend,

Go to the order delivery tab and check the date of the schedule line.

Some times it happens due to forward scheduling and backward scheduling if the other activities related to picking, packing the dates of the confimed delivers depend.

you will be able to make the delivery of the item but cannot post good issue.

Check in the MD04

Put you material and check for the customers orders .. see how many are there in the unrestricted stock.

Sometimes in MMBE you will find sufficient stock but there are open orders for it whcih are not processed yet.

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Amlan Sarkar

Answers (7)

Answers (7)

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i think the material is allowed for negative stock.

where you can sell it without any stock


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It could possibly be your ATP settings. If, for example, your ATP check for deliveries includes Purchase Orders and you have some overdue, open PO's, the system sees theses as available stock and allows delivery creation.



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Hi Sunder,

PGI without stock is not possible. See the document flow if PGI is done then it is sure that the quantiy delivered was available in the system.



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Hi Sunad,

As u said PGI is done and also delivery is done without stock then you have to check the follwoing setting

which allows negative posting

goto spro --> MM --> IM --> GOODS ISSUE --> ALLOW -VE STOCK


In SPRO-> Financial accounting> Global settings,there is setting for company code where we can decide whether to allow negative stocks or not by selecting the block.

In that if we select it, then we can issue the material without having stock.

Ultimately it will show negative stock. And as soon as you receive the material, it will become positive.


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No probs that the delivery has been created. But the system will not allow the system to create the PGI (because the system will check the stock while doing the PGI). When you will see the document flow the system will show you the delivery open. so when the stock is created then goto VL02n

give the delivery no. and click on the PGI tab and the delivery will be completed. Now check the document flow it will show you the elivery as completed. and the PGI material document can be seen.

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No.... the system may create the delivery but it will not allow you to create PGI (post goods Issue) is there is not stock.

Check the document flow of the order VA03--> Order number --> Click the document flow button. Check the goods issue has been happened or not? If happened then there will be a materila document number created and the delivery status will be completed.


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Please check the Document Flow from the sales order(VA03). Delivery can be created but that delivery will be due for other activities like picking, PGI etc.,