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Sales order value

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For certain customers, system should not create sales order if the sales order value is below certain limit.

For example sales order for customer XYZ should be not be created if value is less than than $100.

Any inputs.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Try controlling this using Minimum Order Value condition type AMIW. This is controlled via Minimum value for a particular Customer in the condition records. The routine for Minimum order value adjusts automatically the Net value with Minimum order value. You can control this routine by changing the routine and making net price 0 in case it does not pass Min order value.

The net price is mendatory and will not allow the sales order to be completed if it is 0. This will then also not impact Availability, Transfer of Requirements and Credit check.

Mim order value condition record can also be controlled on Sales order or other parameters by creating Z conditions

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Thanks Gaurav for your reply.

To be frank, your reply is so complex and I could not make any headway.

Could you spare some time and give detailed steps? Hope i am not troubling you.

Have a good night.

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Step 1 check your pricing procedure: Check if the condition type AWIZ exists in the pricing procedure.

If this exists this is fine if not add it to the pricing procedure (can check standard pricing procedures for reference).

Important is to understand Min Price calculation = Net value after discount and freight (excluding tax).

If this exists then maintain condition record for Minimum price for a customer for Pricing condition AWIZ.

In the pricing procedure look at the column Alt calculation type here you can maintain your own routines or use standard SAP routine. Select SAP routine with Min Price for net price condition row. Copy this routine to a 9xx routine through VOFM transaction. Make changes to this routine so that the net price is set to 0 for your set of conditions. Activate this routine and use it in ALT claculation type.

Once the net price is set as 0 the sales order will become incomplete and cant be processed. However the sales order would exist and later changes to it can be made in terms of quantity to make it beyond the min price and the sales order would flow through since the condition would pass

Hope this is better

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Your requirement is like a validation check and is not normally used in business.

But, you could use following option:

You could have minimum sales order value agreed upon with your customer XYZ for example $ 100.

You could use condition record AMIW for this. (AMIZ references AMIW, so you need not maintain any condition record)

AMIW condition type has access K020.

You should add new accesses to include table 'customer'.

Include the two condition types in your pricing procedure as follows

For condition AMIW

Stat: X

SubTl: D

Reqt: 2

Basval: 2

For condition AMIZ

Reqt: 2

CalTyp: 013

Acctkey: ERS

Create condition record for AMIW for your customer XYZ with minimum sales order value as $ 100.

Once you create a sales and if value is less than $ 100, system would automatically propose value as $ 100.

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Put a credit check in the sales order document type so that the document get blocked and doesn't get created at all if the value is below $100. ALso you can maintain the incompletion log in such way that if the document is incomplete the document would get saved.


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HI jack

If it is related to pricing then you can used condition types AMIZ and AMIW . minimum sales order value .

But i think if the certain value is not met then is should not save the sales order for that customer , i think that is your requirement.

Then you can use your own requirement and integrate with the ABAP'ers to write the sub routines.

You can give the logic to the ABAP'ers like

If net value(NETWR) = 30000


execute VA01


dont execute sales order for KUNNR


You can assign this requirement to PR00 condition type .which helps you



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Try using user exit and put a check on the netwr value, so that system checks the code whether the value is higher than 100 USD. This way you can control the document while saving.


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Thanks Suddu, for your reply.

We want to limit to certain customers only. User exit will effect to all customers.