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Sales order stock on delivery document and transfer order

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Hi all,

At my current client I have a requirement where we need to put stock against sales order (sales order stock E). So, being a MTO process we create production order and perform goods reciept to unrestricted stock. To avoid getting picked up by a different sales order, we move the stock to sales order stock using 412 E (tcode: MB1B). Here are the issues I am facing currently:

1. Is there a direct way of receiving production order directly to sales order stock?

2. I couldn't find a way to do the first, so I am currently receiving production order against unrestricted inventory and then move it using MB1B. So, the stock can be seen to assigned to sales order.

2a. When I create delivery it is not consuming same stock, it is consuming inventory out of unrestricted stock (if any, in case no inventory is available it throws error of 0 available quantity). Once I have assigned sales order stock why is it still looking into unrestricted? Is it due to the requirement type which is assigned. Do I need to change the item category so availability will check sales order stock (similar to item category TAB)?

2b. This probably will be resolved if I get the delivery fixed but we have SAP WM and during TO creation I don't see the special stock reference filled in? I tested this process with item category ZTAB (copy of TAB) which creates purchase requisition and it seems to be working but I don't need the purchase req for my case.

3. This is more of an accounting issue: when I attempt to move stock from unrestricted to sales order stock using 412 E, I was getting "Account XXXXX is not assigned to cost center". So, I went in an assigned a cost center to this cost element. IS THIS REQUIRED & WHAT IS THE RELEVANCE as it takes stock out of inventory.

I understand it crosses other functional areas but even if you can clarify 1 part of it, will be very helpful.



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Dear Friend

You are telling that it is MTO scenario and you are posting stocks into unrestricted stocks

This is entirely wrong

This is happening because of a simple thing missing in your sales order item category configuration in VOV7 that is special stock indicator E is missing which should be there

This is the cause of whole problem

MTO item categories will have special stock indicator E in standards

In MTO based on the sales order production order is triggered and stocks are receipted against sales order and not into unrestricted use by defaut in standard

You will receive MTO stocks as sales order stocks in your plant only in standard

But it is not happening for you because of stock indicator E in VOV7 of your sales order item category is missing

Posting MTO stock in to unrestricted use is meaningless and the same is happening because of a slight miss out in setting in VOV7

This is the solution for issue no 1

For issue no 2

You have created the sales order( MTO order) without special stock indicator E and now you are doing a transfer posting in MB1B with 412 E referencing the order no sales order stocks that is Fine

You are getting an error that only zero qty is available either at delivery or at pgi eventhough in MMBE you will find sales order stocks in your order name

This is happening because

Reservation in MB1B is done with special stock indicator E for sales order

But the same sales order is not created with special stock indicator E in VA01 during creation

There is a mismatch

Hence the system is not able to sense while the order comes for delivery there are already stocks are reserved

By inputting special stock indicator E for sales order item category the whole issues will get solved

By doing that there is no need to do MB1B itself

The first step itself will get corrected as the stocks will be posted to sales order stocks no need for MB1B

No need to touch TAB make it ZTAB as it is meant for a different purpose it is for individual purchase order not to be used for MTO

*By marking the special stock indicator as E in your sales order item category your entire issue will be resolved*

Issue no 3

MTO is based on costing for which you have take the help of FI person

Note Very important

If U make the settings now in item category it will not work for the existing or already created order

With existing orders it will have the same error as the order is created without special stock indicator E

Only for new orders it will work and from Now on it will work

Test it with new order cycle starting from VA01

Please let me know this issue has got solved or not?

I am 200 % sure it will get solved