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Sales order Pricing condition Update for Invoice d sales order.

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Dear all,

Credit limit check created in sales order.

Enhancement made - In sales order at the time of saving sales order, system check for Pricing date = current date.


14.10.2013 - Price of Mat A - 100

Sales order prepared - 10 MT Total Price 1000 (Customer account balance - 1000)

     Credit limit  - approved

Delivery prepared for 5 MT and Invoice for 5 MT.


16.10.2013 - Price of material A - 110 (+10/-) revised

User enter VA02 , change the pricing date to 16.10.2013

Since sales order is partially invoiced Pricing conditions are in non editable mode (UPDATE icon is in grey mode)

So no price updation created.

No credit limit block for sales order.

Delivery created for balance 5 MT and Invoice for 5MT X 110 (New price came in Invoice)= 550/-

In customer account, 50/- is showing as receivable.

Please advise how to overcome this Gap and to ensure block in sales order.

Thanks and Regards,


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Hi Manikandan,

In change mode (VA02), change the line item quantity from 10MT to 5 MT and then create a new line item with the same material with 5 MT. Then you could perform new pricing for the new line item.

But it will have impact during audit. The same sales order the same material will have 2 different pricing.



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Dear Mr ' MoazzaM ' and Mr Sharan,

First Thanks for your valuable time.

Mr Moazzom- This is for a public sector industry and will charge customer as per current date price only.

Can you please guide me on delivery level run credit check  or at billing level run credit check userexit


In OVA8, 02 - credit group for delivery is activated.

Static - Tick

Reaction - C

Status Block - Tick

Open order - Tick

Open deliveries - Tick

But No block created for Delivery / PGI.


Mr Sharan:

Thanks for suggestion, even two pricing is not an issue.

Here problem is user is not updating (may be to skip credit check).


IF I make ABAP coding in sales order,

for each line item at the time of saving sales, system makes

Part.dlv./item  - B Create only one delivery (also with quantity = 0)

Max.Part.Deliv. 1

and Make the fields grey.

So once the sales order is delivered, the balance quantity will not delivered further.

User will be forced to enter new line item so new price will flow (credit check works) or will create new sales order.

Is this process advisable or any other standard functionality will help.

Here requirement is, After some release only, second delivery or Invoice should be created. So user can reduce the qty to match the customer balance amount.

Thanks and Regards,


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Mr Moazzom- This is for a public sector industry and will charge customer as per current date price only.

If you want to charge on current date price only and your price changes frequently (daily, weekly or biweekly etc) then I think its better if you don't allow partial deliveries and force use to enter new line item. Rerun a credit at delivery level would be very tricky and complicated as it will involve user exit and function modules to read credit status of customer and current price of material and then validate them. I won't suggest you that.

I think your 2nd solution is good. You should control this as much as you can in standard to avoid any customized developments. If possible put some check to enter reason for rejection for open quantity in sale order after the delivery is created or make it best practice for your client to enter exact quantity which the want to delivery or put some check in copy control to eliminate partial deliveries etc. There are numerous ways to control this and this is easy too and you won't need to play with credit check with is complex.