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Sales order line item check based on material status

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I have the following requirement

There are Distribution chain specific material status maintained in the material master ( Sales Org1 View). Now for some of these statuses we need to reject these items in the sales order @ line item level. A reason for rejection needs to be assigned for these line items.

Is there any standard setting or a user exit is required. I believe user exit save_document_prepare could be used to carry out these checks & assign a reason for rejection. Pls suggest asap



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Dear Ramesh

You can block a line item in sale order itself. Select the line item which you want to block and on top right, there will be a field "Reason for Rejection" (not sure about the description). Choose that and assign a reason for that line item and save the sale order so that delivery cannot be created for that item.


G. Lakshmipathi

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i would to know little clarifications on above.

How is delivery for line item is getting blocked because of reason for rejection. where are the settings for the same? how can we configure it.

also why dont we use delivery block field in the schedule line field rather than reason for rejection? what are the impacts if any?

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Dear Ankit,

The difference between reason for rejection and delivery block is,

Reason for rejection you can find this field at header level and line item level, the use of this is once you mention any reason for rejection the TOR or Schedule line not been confirmed for that material,so that the material can be confirmed to another customer.

If you set delivery block the material for sale order in case if the material not available it will rise TOR or if available it will confirm the schedule line and block the material for that customer or sale order.

This is the major difference between two.



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Hi Ramesh,

use the user exit


put a condition in it as if the material status is say 'X' then put a 'AB' reason for rejection in the field VBAP - ABGRU

hope it helps, add points if it helps