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Sales order in progress should be close

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Hi all

I have an issue with a sales order. In this order we have an item with 4 quantity but only 3 has been confirmed and delivered. The problem is that in the related production order we have 4 quantity which was delivered for this order. So now we have an open quantity of 1 for this sales order which we can retrieve in MD04. 

It is not possible to modify manually the quantity or set a rejection reason because of the production order which is close and not modifiable. It's also not possible to create a delivery for this item because there is no schedule line for it.

Does someone have a solution for this issue ? May set the status as completed but I didn't find a way to do so.

Thanks in advance. 

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Hi Dominik

Unfortunately it's also not possible to set a rejection reason because the production order is not modifiable.

Best regards.