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Sales order in progress should be close

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Hi all

I have an issue with a sales order. In this order we have an item with 4 quantity but only 3 has been confirmed and delivered. The problem is that in the related production order we have 4 quantity which was delivered for this order. So now we have an open quantity of 1 for this sales order which we can retrieve in MD04. 

It is not possible to modify manually the quantity or set a rejection reason because of the production order which is close and not modifiable. It's also not possible to create a delivery for this item because there is no schedule line for it.

Does someone have a solution for this issue ? May set the status as completed but I didn't find a way to do so.

Thanks in advance. 

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Hello @marnic 

I would suggest not to change the sales order quantity as you are going to lose the information what has been originally ordered.

Rather put a reason for rejection for the item that you are not able to deliver. That will close the item and will store the information why the item has not been delivered fully.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

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Hi Dominik