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Sales order Header text has not passed to the delivery header text(automatic delivery)

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Dear team,

Currently, whenever a sales order is created using the VA01 t-code, delivery is getting created automatically, but the problem is the header text available in the sales order is not passing to the delivery header text. this text is mandatory in the third-party system which will be passed using EDI.

When I checked the user exit USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT, there I could see the READ_TEXT and CREATE_TEXT FMs responsible for getting the text and saving the text at the sales order header text level.

The text is SO10 text.

Now to check why the header text not moved to the delivery text, what is procedure should I follow?

Please help me.

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Please confirm your VOTXN - Text determination and Access Sequence you configured. Provide screenshot if possible

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For those who are still facing the issue here is the root cause :

Though the Customizing as mentioned by blogs below using VOTXN is setup properly the system transfers the Sales text to Delivery only if the texts passed are in the Logon language. Example if you have German Sales texts and you are logged in in English (or if the background job user id processing your delivery has language EN) then the German text won't be copied to Delivery from the sales order texts and only the English ones will be copied.

Solution is either maintain texts in both Languages (Logon language and the clients language)

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Hello Omkar,

Did I understood correctly? You have a SO10 Text which is available in Sales order Header?

If yes, does it means the Text is copied in Sales Order header by means of a Development? In this case you need to check where the custom code is placed as some Sales Order exits are not called when immediate Delivery is created.

You may also discuss with your functional consultant to check if it will be possible to copy the Sales Order text into Delivery via standard text determination as mentioned by Rob above.


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Hi Jignesh,

Thanks for your quick response. When I checked the source to get the header text at the sales order level, the code is available in the custom include.

the READ_TEXT is reading the text from SO10 text and CREATE_TEXT is placing the text based on ID, language, and VBELN. this logic is available in USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT.

Now from a technical point of view, what should I need to do now?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Omkar,

OK. So via development the SO10 Test is added to Text ID in Sales Order.

Can you check with your Functional consultant whether standard Text Determination in Delivery is maintained in Customizing (T-Code VOTXN)?

If yes, then Sales Order Text should be automatically copied to Delivery, provided the necessary SD Customizing is done.