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Sales Order Error

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In a particuar sales order, document flow is completed till Post Goods Issue.

But in document flow, for sales order the status is shown as 'Being Processed'; Delivery : Being Processed; Picking : Completed; Post Goods Issue : Completed.

Hence i am not able to create a Billing document for the same.

Main issue is if i go in VA03/02 for this particular sales order, system displays the message as : "Item does not match schedule line (program error)"

Message no. V1427. Hence i am not able to check this order in the system.I have checked VBAP and VBEP table status for this Sales order and found no difference in it.

Let me know if anybody has any idea on the same.

-Sachin D

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Answers (2)

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Thanks !

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Check the OSS note 442831.

Following is the details from the notes. This covers upto 4.6C

Note 442831 - V1427: Item does not match schedule line (program error)



When you edit or view a document, the system issues message V1427: "Item does not match schedule line (program error)".

Additional key words

Cause and prerequisites

The cause of this problem is not yet known completely.


Currently, there is not yet a complete solution. Recognized causes were corrected with Notes 368377, 389687, 401463, and 403122. In order to correct this error completely and to avoid subsequent related problems, this correction prevents an incorrect saving onto the database.

Report SD_CONSISTENT_CHECK determines incorrect documents which prevent further processing due to error message V1427:

"Item does not match schedule line (program error)".

When you implement the correction, proceed as follows:

1. Create a new include named MV45AF0D_DOCUMENT_CHECK. Choose MV45AF0D as a main program and development class VA.

2. Use Transaction SE91 to create message 433 in message class V2 with the following short text:

An internal program error has occured. See Note 442831


CAUSE: The system detected an inconsistency between table VBAP (items) and table VBEP (schedule lines) when you saved the sales document. The cause of the problem is unknown.

WHAT_TO_DO: Contact your system administrator and try to explain to him the changes you have made to the sales document. Then your administrator can contact the SAP Support with reference to Note 442831.

3. Implement the source code corrections in accordance with the correction instructions.

Use development class VA when you create analysis report SD_CONSISTENT_CHECK.

In this report, create text symbol Text-001 with the following text:

"Attention: You have not limited the document number range.

Do you want to continue?"

Source code corrections