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Sales order creation with reference / Screen variant dialog box

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Hi All,

When creating a sales order with reference to a quotation, the system displays following dialog box (Pop up) in case open quotations exist:

Our requirement is now to expand this screen with the purchase order no of the customer (VBKD-BSTKD).

Any ideas of how to achieve this are highly appreciated.

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Hi Melanie,

I hope you must have already done this, if not this these are the steps.

Step 1: Use Append structure to add the required field(s) in structure LISTVBAP

Step 2: Program MV45AF0M_MAT_AUF_HINWEIS_PRUEF has a BADI BADI_SD_REF_DOC_CUST and method SEARCH_FOR_REF_DOC can be used to fill the table HNW_VBAP, which has the data to be displayed in popup

Step 3: Program LV45CF0A, Form AUSGABE_LISTE_HINWEIS need to be changed using access key to enable the custom field for display in reference popup before REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY FM.

Thanks and Regards,

Ajith J