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sales order billing through CATS.

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Hello there,

I have an issue..

We are working on a PS implementation project. This is an implemention for n ERP solutions provider( say A).

In this case A provides manpower for its respective clients. They have maintained contracts with their clients for specific periods.

Now based on time sheets generated by the personnel, A generates sales orders and correspondingly bills their clients.

Now our issue is, how do we use time sheets(CATS) to generate billing documents.

Thanks a million.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can enter time against the sales order/item in the CATS timesheet, but I have never done that; I believe you don't do that if you are using PS due to the other benefits of collecting these expenses on the project (reports, RA, actual/plan comparisons, material, etc...).

Using PS, you could use Resource-related billing for this purpose. You basically have the time charged to a network activitiy in CAT2, then transfer the cost to the project using CAT5. Then, you will create a billing request using DP91/95. There are other steps in between, which are explained in greater detail at this link on the SAP help pages:

Let me know if you want to go deeper into any of these areas.

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