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sales order amount field have limitation (Message no. 00089)



At the time of sales document creation(VA01), user is not able to enter more than 9 digits in the amount field in the conditions tab at the item level of the document instead getting below Message.

Message no. 00089

(Entry too long (enter in the format ___,___,__~.__V))


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Answers (2)

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Dear Satish,

Place the cursor on the field and press the F1 button. Then choose the technical information button. Here you will see the technical name of the field and the data element assigned to it. You can then check (by double clicking on the data element or using transaction SE11) the length of the field. If you try to enter a value greater than the maximum length in the domain you will get the error 00 089 - "Entry too long (enter in the format &)".

The domain length assigned to the field could in theory be enlarged by modifying the length however several fields could be assigned to this domain and this could create a lot of further problems in the system. The best option is to use smaller values by splitting up documents or using a different unit or currency.

I hope this information has helped.

Best regards,

Ian Kehoe

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Refer following SAP Notes:

- Note 137626 FAQ: Decimal places for currency codes

- Note 434349 Change of decimal places of currencies

Thanks, JP