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Sales employee without HR

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Hello All,

we have a scenario to map the sales employee and pay the commision.this needs to mapped without HR module.

I could see a config in S&D->Master Data>Business Partner--->Use Sales Employee without HR.

has any used this function? Pls let me know how to use 'Use Sales Employee without HR' since there is no much information in IMG on this.

Thanks in adv


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Hi Shripad

I hope by now you might have got all the answers

but additionally you can refer

Note 854390 - FAQ: Use of the sales representative in SD without HR

It answers all the relevant questions like

1. Does the HR module have to be in use in order to use the sales representative as a partner in the SD module?

2. What must be done to make the necessary HR tables available?

3. There are problems when creating, changing or displaying sales representatives. What is the procedure for troubleshooting?

4. Why does the sales document not display the name or other data for the sales representative?

5. Why is the personal data (such as telephone number) of the sales representative not displayed in the sales document?



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When you access this in the IMG it creates two transport requests to

transport the relevant HR tables from client 000. So I added these requests

to the buffer and imported the requests into the development client.

However, still when trying to access the funtion in the IMG it asks to

create two more requests. Does anyone know what steps I need to take to get

this to work. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong on the Basis side or

whether this is an HR/SD configuration question. Running the below mentioned

report just generates the same transport requests.

This is the help text on the subject.

Use Sales Employee Without HR

In order to use the sales employee, you need an HR master record. If you do

not use the Human Resources application component (HR), you can transport

the HR tables that you need for creating, changing or displaying a sales

employee from client 000 into the target client.


In order to transport the required HR tables from client 000 into the target

client, you must have two transport requests. Report RPUTRL00 is called and

updates the Customizing and system tables in separate transport requests

Report RPUTRL00 only copies the standard SAP config.

You will need some basic HR config doing (switching off unnecessary fields,

payroll area's , etc.) which shouldn't take more than a couple of hours

Personnel area's (usually same as Company code)

Personnel sub area's

Employee Group and subgroup

Action L1 may need changing (if the standard doesn't suit your requirements)

0001 Organizational Assignment

0002 Personal Data

0006 Addresses

0900 Sales and Distribution Data

0105 Communication

If you let me have your email I'll send you a document that may help, HR

mini-master was setup for 6 countries, config & testing took 2 days / 18

hours. The doc doesn't say which fields we switched off but it should give

you some idea of what was done.

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Thanks for the info, my email id is Please send me the info.

Thanks again



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Chk this thread, it will give enough info