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Sales Contract with multiple items and decrement equally

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We must create a sales contract with the same material listed multiple times, and each material has a different pricing. This happens because, in the sales contract, the pricing must foresee all possible variations that will occur when the sales orders come in, and other pricing will be applied; here are some samples of possible combinations that would impact the pricing:

Item 10: Material A + Ship-to A + Plant A + Incoterm A = PR00 $1.00 (and several other conditions)

Item 20: Material A + Ship-to B + Plant A + Incoterm A = PR00 $2.00 (and several other conditions)

Item 30: Material A + Ship-to B + Plant B + Incoterm A = PR00 $3.00 (and several other conditions)

Item 40: Material A + Ship-to B + Plant C + Incoterm B = PR00 $4.00 (and several other conditions)

Note that the material is always the same, but the rest of the elements would vary and the pricing will be different, and we can just create a contract with those items.

The problem is when the sales order comes in as it will have the Material A and will falls in one of the contract variations, like item 30 for example, and when this order is shipped, all other items needs to be decremented as well just the like 30 would be. 

Is there any standard way to do it? Decrement all items of the sales contract even if only one of them are referenced to a sales order?

I looked for Assortment Module for the contract WK1, but in our system the WK1 asks to add a material, not an assortment module. 

Any suggestion is appreciated!

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Hi Mr. Lakshmipathi, Sorry I tried to reply before while on the plane. That didn't work as expected. 

Thank you for commenting, but please note that my problem is not pricing in the sales, as this would come from the sales contract or via condition records. My problem is the quantity update in the sales contract when any item number is referenced to the sales order. I need all items in the sales contract to be decremented when any item is referenced to a subsequent sales order, which is only for quantities.