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Sale Item Price Based On BP Customer Group

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We have SAP B1 2007A.

We have different customer groups like : Member, Non Member, Distributors.

I want to have a different price list for each Customer based on the customer group they belong to.

In other words, the same ITEM has a different price based on the customer group.

Any way to do that?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can first define the pricelist for each of your groups then go to

Items > Price Lists > Special Prices > Special Prices for Business Partners..

you will define the pricelist of one business partner in each group and then click Copy by Selection Criteria and copy this customers prices to the whole group by selecting the BP Group.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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This is what you can do -

1. Create a "BASIC PRICE LIST" for the item first.

2. For each customer (since the relation of Price lists has to be defined at this level not customer group), you can create a new price list but link it to the "BASIC PRICE LIST" you created in step 1.

So for ex - if CUSTOMER GRP A has to be sold at a discount of 10%, then in your customer price list definition, enter factor as 0.9 and link it to the "BASIC PRICE LIST".

Since one customer can be defined only within one group at a time, you can have the same effect of having the price list defined on customer groups. Only that, if your group pricing changes, you will have to either modify the price list, or create a new price list and link it all your customers (of a particular group) once again.

Hope this helps.