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Safety Stock Calculation

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Hi, I was wondering if someone could give an overview how safety stock is automatically calculated and which MRP types are required for automatic safety stock calculation.

Also, which MRP types are used for manual safety stock calculation.

Thanks, Erik

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Safety Stock : This is one kind of Un-restricted stock which will be used to full fill the un-expected damand for any material apart from the normal stock .Safety Stock calcuation depends on requireiment .It can be pre-defined ( manual safety stock -MRP3 view-Safety Stock ) or Automatic Safety Stock based on the MRP Type set up in OMDQ.If you want automatic safety stock , then it will calcuated based on Forecasting view parametrs , forcast model , MAD, BASIC value calcualted wheil excuting Forecasting collectively or individually .

Safety Stock Calcualtion happend based on following CONDITION :

1.MRP type should be Forecast Base MRP -VV,VB,VS,V1,V2.Here MRP type calculates the Automatic Safety stock based on the Forcasting View Maintained in MM02 with proper Consumption History .( 261,501 etc update control in MMR through OMJJ set up --Please check MMR Forcasting View -Cosnumption Histry at least 6 months are there or not ?)

2.In MRP Type -SPRO-MRP-Check MRP Type -Select any one of the MRP Type like VV , you will find that Calcualtion of Reo-Order Point and Safety Stock Check Box Ticked .Based this set up and above Forcasting view , safety Stock will be calcualted with certain formaul .Here in the Material Master MRP3 view u need to maintain Service Level Percentage of that Material whcih will be consideredr as Service level factor to calcvualte the Safety Stock automatically based on the MAD and Basic Values calcualtion in Forcating View Individually (MM02) or collectively in MP38 .

Hope this above facts will help you to understand the calcualtrion of Safety Stock .

Formula : Safety Stock = R x Sq.rt. W x MAD

Safety Stock = R x W x MAD Refer :

Follow the link

For config follow this

For manul Safety Stock you need to keep MRP type : VV -Re-order point planning and keep Manual Satey Stock qty at item level MM02-MRP2 view .

Hope it clarifies



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Thank you, Very Helpful. Erik

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