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Safety stock availability in MRP Group

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I have a MRP group created for 50% safety stock and assigned to a particular material. The material is with MRP type PD, Lot size EX, safety stock and min. lot size is maintained as 200 and the rounding value as 10. When MRP is run, I am getting exception message 30 for the planned order. The reqmt date is 09/20/2010 and the rescheduling date is 09/08/2010. Need to know why this exception message is given by the system, its significance and how to avoid this exception message not to show up.



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Exception message 30 = Plan process according to schedule

The system is telling the planner that he needs to reschedule the order to be finished by 09/08/2010. Most likely you have a reqt date of 09/20/2010 based on the inhouse production time in your material master.

The concept of safety stock is that the system always likes to safety stock in inventory. Whenever inventory falls below safety stock system warns planner with such exception message like 96 = Stock fallen below safety stock level OR 30 =Plan process according to schedule.

Hence this is standard system behaviour which is good as it warns the planner that there is material shortfall & he needs to take action to ensure inventory is above safety stock.

I hope this gives you some good insight into this concept!



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Hi Ram,

Thanks for the response. The Safety stock availability of 50% all works fine until farther in the future. Can't figure out why the planned order is generated with an exception to move it in. And, if I remove all lot size settings (min/rounding value) and re-run MRP it works just fine.