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SA Sch lines & quota

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There are 3 vendors and there are Scheduling Agreement for all the 3.

Sch lines are to be generated for the reuqirements generated through MRP:

A split quota is assigned to them in the ratio 2:3:5. (20000;:30000:50000)

I generated a requirement of 100000 pcs as follows:

22.02.07 10000

23.02.07 10000

24.02.07 10000

26.02.07 10000

27.02.07 10000

28.02.07 10000

01.03.07 10000

02.03.07 10000

03.03.07 10000

04.03.07 10000

I want to have sch lines generated on the above dates to be split as per above quota.

I tried but the system is generating sch lines for the 1st vendor until hisquota is finished; then 2nd vendor until his quota is finished.

Pl guide.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Pl. follow following steps -

1) Maintain quota of each vendor in transaction MEQ1 with a validity period. e.g. For first vendor 30%. For Second Vendor 30%. Third Vendor 40%. You can also maintain minimum quantity splitting, so that the quantity calculated by MRP which is below this will not be split. For example, if you require 10 PC of material & min. qty aplitting is 50, then the qty 10 will go to first vendor. If qty more than 50 is detected, then only it will be splitt among the vendors as per quota.

2) For splitting the quantity as per quota, you have to select proper lot size (For example FS - Fixing & Splitting) & maintain tick at 'Split Quota' for the lot size in your system customization for the lot size. You can access the customization in following way -

SPRO --> Production --> Material Requirement Planning --> Planning --> Lot size Calculation --> Check Lot sizing procedure --> MRP Lot Size

Select your required lot size & select icon 'Details'. Then mark tick at 'Splitting Quota'. Save the changes. Then run the MRP. System will now split the quantity based on your quota arrangement.

Hope this helps.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Please do the following steps.

1.Please go to MEQ1 Maintain quota arrangement

first vendor: 20 %

second vendor: 30 %

third vendor : 50 %

2.create purchasing info record.

3.create scheduling agreement for 3 vendors

4. Maintain soruce list for three vendor in ME01 and enter the MRP indicator as 2 MD02 Single level (MRP)

6.schedules will be populated

try and confirm

G.Ganesh Kumar