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S4HANA build with restoring S4hana backup on ECC and start application post kernel upgrade.

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Hello Team,

I would like check on feasibility of below approach to build S4HANA.


1> Took backup S4HANA existing environment.

2> on ecc, restored the above backup.

3> Upgraded kernel that is compatible with S4HANA.

4> Started application.

expecting some technical views on above approach and can be helpful if there is any artifact by SAP to support the approach.





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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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The approach you mentioned about building S4HANA by restoring a backup from an existing S4HANA environment onto an ECC system, followed by a kernel upgrade, is not recommended nor supported by SAP as I know. The correct process to transition from ECC to S4HANA involves a conversion process that transforms the ECC system into an S4HANA system. This process involves preparing the system, ensuring compatibility, custom code adaptation, and performing the actual conversion. It's recommended to follow SAP's official guide for system conversion to S4HANA.