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S_ALR_87012936 Deprecitaion Forecast

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We are working with the depreciation simulation (S_ALR_87012936).

As far as I can see, the figures are only available as full-year total. Is it any variants that shows the figures per month??

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Answers (2)

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Yes, you can get depreciation values per month also in report S_ALR_87012936.

In the selection screen, choose ALL SELECTIONS button ( on application tool bar)

And then you will be getting options to set evaluation period, there you should select MONTH and execute it.

Now you will get all depreciation forecast for each month of current year.

Please make sure that, when you execute this report with MONTH as evaluation period, once you got output, if you cant see the monthly value columns, then go to change layout and add columns like DEPRECIATION - 01/2011..and DEPRECIATION - 02/2011 and so on.

Please add all 12 columns and save that layout and make that as default, so that when you execute the same rreport on the next time, you will get the monthly values by default.


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If you could please refer to the contents of OSS note 396974 which describes this issue


Reports on derived depreciation areas that do not post any values to the

general ledger are allowed with the evaluation period year. An

evaluation using month, quarter or half-year is not supported."

So you will have to rely on yearly simulation of depreciation in this report.

RASIMU02 does not support monthly simulation of future dep .


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Hi Atif,

You can get the future forecast on monthly basis in RASIMU02.

Go to RASIMU02 and for example give report date as 31.03.2015

Select the radio button month.

You would get the forecasted depreciation for future months of future years.

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Thanx for the clarification. I wrote the post as i had in mind that the aforementioned program cant simulate monthly dep and then i found a note regarding it. Might be its an outdated note. Anyways thank you.

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