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s-alr-87010137 running issue

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if I start the s-alr-87010137 transaction at first time, it give a oerformance report:

You requested a year before the transfer

No records were selected
Message no. AB020
The report could not output any data corresponding to the entered criteria and based on your authorizations.
Please check your entry and/or your authorizations.

But! If I a close the transaction and start it again, the report works.
Our supporter said there is a hidden parameter what can not determinate. At the second run the programe somehow reads it in the background.

Please help us, how are we able to fix this problem?

Thomas Kuzsel

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Thomas - I recommend asking your security administrator to run an STAUTHTRACE on your user to see if it could be authorizations; it may reveal the missing parameter.

I just ran s_alr_87010137 for the first time in my Q system without any issues.

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