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S/4 HANA Requisition - Awaiting approval without being subject for release

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In my current S/4 HANA set up I have disabled the "Automatic Approval of PR" at the Overall level, and left it active at item level.

After creating a text-based requisition, in FIORI it shows "NO" under "Subject to release", but at header level it shows "Awaiting Approval". The requisition doesn't show up in the "Manage purchase requisitions" app, because it is, in fact, not released.

I've already tried deactivating all workflows but still get the requisition created with an "Awaiting approval" status. Is there anything I need to check on the config side? All the relevant scenarios for workflow have already been activated.

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Hi Paulo and Laura,

Could you please tell me how you get rid of this as I am facing the same issue.

I didn't find scenario based workflow flag.


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Hello All,

Found the setting under Purchase Requisition-------Flexible workflow for purchase requisition--------Activate flexible workflow for purchase requisition


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Please do not hijack someone's discussion and add your query without adding what efforts you made to find out answer to your query. By responding to an old query, it has come to top of the forum which could have been avoided.