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Can anyone help me what is the data I'm missing in creating sales order?

I tried to create sales order using BAPI_salesorder_createfromdat2 and I recieve

error regarding my creation.

here's the lists of RETURN for the BAPI.

"SALES_HEADER_IN has been processed successfully"

"SALES_ITEM_IN has been processed successfully"

"SALES_CONDITIONS_IN has been processed successfully"

"The sales document is not yet complete: Edit data"

"For object RV_BELEG , number range interval 54 does not exist"

can Anyone help me? thanks

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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There are lots of possibilities, I hope you'll find

the right one!

You may be able to get away with serializing SDBILLDL if it runs......

or try SNRO

menu select -> Number Range Objects -> Overview.

double click on RV_BELEG

if it is allowed do Edit -> Set-up buffering -> No Bufffering

or try Tabel EXTENSIONIN

Or try FB01: switch off number range buffering on interval

Or build numberrange using table NRIV

additional info:

see OSS note 23835 and 424486

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Basically, it is looking to accept the number you sent(if the sales order numbering is external) or trying to allocate one(if the sales order numbering is internal) from the RV_BELEG number range, but it could not. In your config, you will assign a number range object and a number range interval. In this case the one specified in config is missing. Check your number range transaction SNRO, enter RV_BELEG, click 'number ranges' button and look for interval 54. If it does not exist, ask a configuration/functional person to either add it or most likely, change the number range assignment in config for your document type.

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