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Running Material Estimate on multi-Production Version

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Situation is - Client maintains 2 to 4 Production versions per Material - industry is Packaging

Fact # 1 - Client wants to run Material Costing for materials with all production versions valuated.

Fact # 2 - System updates only 1 Production Version based Material Prices. Production Version is mentioned in Process / Production Order



Is it possible to run / execute Material Costing on all Production Versions..?

If so - what is the solution..?

Also, what will be the report to see the material costed in different Production Versions

[We want to see Material Costing results under different Production Versions]

Answers will be helpful.


TCodes attempted - CK11N, CK40N, CK24

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Answers (2)

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Hello Raj,

You can view different material cost estimates price in by adding Costing Version and at each time change the Production Version in CK11n and save it. (Only save, not release)


1. Create multiple costing versions in Customizing.

2. At the time of CK11n, choose costing version (except from 1 which is default)

3. Choose Your Production Version in Quantity Structure Tab at the time of CK11n

4. Run cost estimate and save it.

5. Do this activity with all production version with taking different Costing versions.

6. Run S_P99_41000111 report and got to All selection Icon and expand selection criteria.

7. You can select costing Versions here with combination of Material and Plant

Thus You will find the Standard Price Calculated for Each Production Version selected.


Priyank Saxena

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What ever I knew, I have shared with you in the same query at controlling forum. Only one point which I might have skipped there is a report which you require. So try CK83 for this, may be helpful for you.ou help

Request you kindly to close the issue if satisfied. In this way you help others indirectly. How????. When some one face same issue he reaches to this forum. If you don't close this thread or even close the issue with out giving response that what helped you then he will be in confusion what is right way to sort out the issue. So please give a comment "what helped you' and close the thread.


Rajneesh Saxena.