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Running COPA report with custom transaction code

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I am trying to assign an individual COPA report (normally run using

transaction KE30) to a custom transaction code in order to run the report

interactively in the foreground. To do this, we have obtained the unique

program generation name from the technical information for the report.

(Example: GPD4Y8KC0NUQRKE0P9SAI7AS3SF) However when calling this program

from a custom t-code a different selection screen appears than the one normally obtained when

using transaction KE30. There are three additional items that appear on the

selection screen. They are:

1. A Read mode with choices for new selection, saved data, or summarization


2. A Print settings section with a check box for "print report" and

3. A rebuild frozen report data check box.

I've tried selecting several combinations of settings for these additional

selections, but I cannot find one that will generate the report

interactively in the foreground. The best I've been able to do is output

the report to a printer.

Is there a way to run these COPA reports interactively through a custom

transaction code and obtain the same selection screen as if you're running

it using transaction KE30?)

I hope somebody can help me!


Eva Jansen

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Answers (2)

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Hi Eva,

Can you please share the solution for resolving the problem mentioned, i am also facing the same situation .


Ratheesh BS

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Hi Eva,

a CO-PA report excecuted via KE30 can be assigned in the CO-PA infosystem (area menu = KEMN) by using T-code SE43. The given T-Code (or the one you assign) can be executed interactive and displays the same selection screen as the report execution via KE30. The user needs authorization to the new created T-Code not to ke30. This is to avoid that user executes each report displayed in KE30 but only the ones asigned to CO-PA Infosystem. The procedure described can be done for any SAP-Menu node (Infosystem).

Kind regards, Christian