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RTE temporarly store in PCR

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Hi gurus,

I have an issue with payroll schema PCR-s.

PIT Z016     NOAB: 

The certain row in IT table looks like

WT    RTE   NUM    AMT

3080   8,34                   

(NUM and AMT field are blank )

The task is  - calculate the NUM filed as Division of AMT\RTE of other wage types, which are in  It table at the moment, with purpose to multiply this value of NUM on RTE ( = 8.34)  to get the right Amount.

Can someone help  in this situation ? :

I've considering two options :

- is it possible to fill the NUM field with RTE or AMT values of another wage type, which as in the IT at the moment of rule processing ?

- or during the rule processing can I temporarly store somwhere the information of existing value of RTE ( = 8.34) , then fill RTE and AMT fields from another wage types values, calculate the NUM, and then restore the saved value of RTE and finish calculating.

Can  someone help in this situation ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You set the values of AMT and RTE  from wage types then use operation DIVID ARN ( amount multiply with Rate and and givning the result as Number ).

AMT=  1234 ( the wage type from you want to take AMT and RTE )

RTE=   1234




RTE=  3080 ( your wqage type with value 8.34)



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