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Row Text Details

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I am working on SAP 8.8 patch11. I have an requirement to enter the Row Text Details through Code in Document Forms.

I need to do this using a user defined column in the matirx. I have done the following things.

1. Loop through the Matrix.

2. When my user defined field in the row is having some value , Then I will change the Row Type to "T".

3. When I set a Row Type to "T" , Application will open a form to enter the details (Form Id : 65088).

4. I entered the value in the form on Form load event before action false.

5. After that I want to close the form (65088) and loop through next row.

6. I closed the Form on got focus of the Document Form. But the data was not set in the Row.

How to do this ?

Thanks in Advance !


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Answers (2)

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Solved on Own

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You can do it easy from DI API instead of GUI.

You can use the

Document.SpecialLines object to handle this

here is an example from help,

Sub AddSpecialLine()

        'Adding special line
        'Assume Qut is an existing Quotation Document Object

        'Setting the type of special line to be sub total
        Qut.SpecialLines.LineType = SAPbobsCOM.BoDocSpecialLineType.dslt_Subtotal

        'Setting the after line number
        'A number that says after which line the special line will appear
        Qut.SpecialLines.AfterLineNumber = 2

        'Check for errors
        lRetCode = Qut.Update()

        If lRetCode <> 0 Then
            oCompany.GetLastError(lErrCode, sErrMsg)
            MsgBox(lErrCode & " " & sErrMsg) ' Display error message
            MsgBox("Special Lines Added")
        End If

End Sub



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Thanks for replying .

I have to use it for a Return Document. I need to use text and not the sub total.

I tried the method provided by you but am receving an error "Row cannot be opened." so it is not possible via DIAPI.

I tried the following method

1. On Form Load event, I have created one more object for the Form.

2. On looping through the Grid, I will change the Line Type in of the Row.

3. New Form will be opened.

4. I will assign the Form Type to two objects.

5. I will use one object for assigning value and another obhect for Closing the Form;

6. This method is working fine.

My problem is solved.