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Dear all,

In routing i see Lot size i.e., from ______________ to 999999999. what done it mean ?

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Answers (3)

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Hi ,

Hope i addon some useful information.

The "From lot size / to lot size" in routing is used to specific the production lot size which integrated with Cost.

If you not using production version lot size , this function can be "replace" , from here you can maintain different type of lot size and all this can be represented by different alternative routing. That mean the there will be different costing lot size if you using alternative routing.

As result , beside quantity is also related issue with cost (fico).

Hope useful for you.


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the routing is valid up to 999999999 qty

i.e you routing is valid for the material up to 999999999( this is max level of the validity)

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in routing you can maintain lot size (from and to value). when you create production order for material, system will check the order quantity and proposes the routing if the order quanity is in the range of lot size.

if the order quantity is not in the range specified, then system will look for another routing (different production version) or throw an error (routing not selected)

hope its clear