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Hi SAP gurus,

1. What is Routing ?

2. What is the use of text determination,ans what is text determination

will the data be copied from one sales doc to another. ex: order to delivery , and from delivery to billing

The Text which we have mentioned in sales order , will it be copied to delivery document.In

IIn Text types, what i have maintained in Sales document has to be also mentioned in Delivery document.?Plz let me the process.

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Dear Sabina

I request you not to post too many questions in one thread as you will not get responses for all questions. Post one question per thread seperately.

[1. Routings|]

[2. Texts in Sales and Distribution |]


G. Lakshmipathi

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please use this link for text determination.

If you maintain text in sales order using copy control you will get it automatically in billing document.


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Dear Sabina,

Routing (PP)

A routing type that defines one or more sequences of operations for the production of a material.

To reduce the effort of entering data in a routing, you can reference or copy reference operation sets as many times as required and in any sequence.

Text Determination use

Please go through this SAP help link it will help you about Purpose of Text determination and total process.

I hope it will help you,



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1. Routing:

1. It is used for Discrete manufacturing.

2. It has a set up time, machine time & all other activities.

3. Mainly it is used for order based costing.

4. Use tcode CA01 to create routing

5. Use Standard value key SAP1 in work center.

2. Text Determination:

Please Refer

The text data also get copy from one doc to other,