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Routing download causing database lock

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Hi All,

I am downloading routing to ME for a while and everything was working fine until we added more Custom Fields for the Routings (image attached).

The XSLT is responsible for transforming the Classification (that comes from ECC) into SAP ME Custom Fields (xml attached).

But, after these fields were added, whenever we try to import Routings, the database is running into a lock (image attached) on the command ALTER TABLE AL_ROUTER ADD ( "C018_110G_PROD_VAR_006" NVARCHAR2( 1024 ) ).

After the timeout is reached the error on MII monitor is: distributed transaction lock

Any idea on how to solve it?

Thank you.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please turn off Audit Log in System Setup Maintenance.



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Thank you Sergiy!

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But you should be opening a support ticket for this. Turning off functionality has only worked around the problem, not cure it. Now, you are not audit logging any changes to your routings and someone has enabled this, presumably for a business reason.

When you add a custom field to a master data object, and you have audit logging turned on, ME will attempt to add a new column to the corresponding audit log table. If this is failing, it requires investigation, and it may be affecting all master data objects.

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