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Routing & BOM

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Hi All,

Could you guys please explain me.

What is Reference Operation Set?

What is Rate Routing?

What is the difference between Routing & Reference Operation set?

What is Super Routing?

What is Super BOM?

Thanks in Advance

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Reference Operation Set: Represents a sequence of operations repeated in many routings. For eg. if a set of operations are needed in the routing of some materials. then it is not needed to enter the operations one by one in all the routings. Instead can create a ref operation set using CA11 transaction & can can link it inside the routing. All the opertions from the ref operation set will get copied to the routing. This will minimize the effort & time required in the routing creation.

Rate Routing: Used for repetitive manufacturing, to determine the production rate by pre-defining the production quantity. Transaction to create rate tng is CA21.

Super routing & super bom are used in the variant configuration.

Depending upon the variant to be produced the appropriate routing & BOM will be selected.



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Super BOM and Super Routing are used where we have Variant configuration scenarios. We maintain object dependencies for each component in Super BOM and operations in super routing. As you must have known BOM is the set of components we need to manufacture the product and Routing is the one with the set of operations that we need to perform to complete the manufacture.

Reference operation set is set of operations and are common and can be independet of materials means we can use ref operation set whereever we need.

Rate routing is set of operations to manufacture a product in PP-PI module.

Please let us know if you need any more info


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-->>>[What is Reference Operation Set?]

1.A type of routing that comprises of a series of operations that recur frequently. It is used to create a routing.

2.A reference operation set cannot be used directly in production.To reduce the effort needed to create a routing, you can

reference the reference operation set.All the changes you make in the reference operation set are automatically implemented in the referenced operations of the routing.If you have referenced a reference operation set in a routing, you can unlock this reference. In this case the operations of the reference operation set are copied into the routing and can be changed there. The connection to the reference operation set no longer exists, which means that any changes in the reference operation set are not transferred to the routing.Use the reference operation set as a source to copy from

Operations are copied from the reference operation set to the new routing and can also be changed there. Changes you make in the reference operation set have no effect on the routing.

-->>>[What is Rate Routing?]

1.A routing for whose operations the production quantity and a fixed duration has been defined. Thus the production rate is also defined.

2.Rate routings are used when you plan on a quantity basis, for example in repetitive manufacturing.

3.A rate routing has the same structure as a routing. You can assign a rate routing to a material to be produced. It can have parallel sequences.

-->>>[What is the difference between Routing & Reference operation set?]

Routing is simply sequence of operation while reference routing is some kind of reference ACTIVITY.

Routing contain different kind of operation sequence.While ref. Operation set contain which refer to the some operation some kind of check sum that repeatedly used in operation.

-->>>[What is Super Routing?]

1.You have to create configurable bills of material as well as configurable routing for configurable materials. A configurable routing describes the production process for all variants of a product. Instead of creating a routing for each variant of a product, you can create operations for one routing, or a "super" routing.

2.The "super" routing is a combination of operations, operation sequences and production resources/tools which are needed for all variants of the configurable material or variant-specific.You use selection conditions in a routing to specify which operations are required for a specific variant.

-->>>[What is Super BOM?]

1.The bill of material (BOM) of a configurable material contains all the components that are required to manufacture the material. The BOM contains components that are only used in specific variants (variant parts), as well as components that are used in all variants (non-variable parts).This is why BOMs for configurable materials are known as super BOMs.


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Reference opn set:

If a sequence of operations are repeated in many routings, we can create these sequence as a reference opn set. Ex. Packing operation.

Packing operations are same for all materials. So for all the routings we can insert this ref opn set. Data entry & time will reduce.

Rate routing:

It is used for repetitive manufacturing.It is rate based scheduling. Fixed qty with cycle time will be taken into account. In this no setup time.

Super routing & super BOM used for variant configuration.